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Build failing on windows xp


I have tried building on two different windows XP PCs and I am getting the same build problem.  On both systems a java process was left running when the build failed.

Any ideas what changes might be causing it?.  I'll continue investigating further tomorrow.

I am at svn ver 191744.


maven m:update
maven m:rebuild -o ( also tried online build maven m:rebuild )


    [echo] Building runtime deployer configuration
    [java] 16:18:58,187 INFO  [LocalConfigStore:config-store/] Loaded Configuration geronimo.config:name="org/apache/geronimo/J2EEDe
    [java] 16:18:58,765 INFO  [Configuration] Started configuration org/apache/geronimo/J2EEDeployer
    [java] 16:18:58,968 INFO  [SecurityServiceImpl] JACC factory registered
    [java] 16:18:59,390 INFO  [LocalConfigStore:config-store/] Loaded Configuration geronimo.config:name="org/apache/geronimo/Server
    [java] 16:18:59,421 INFO  [LocalConfigStore:config-store/] Loaded Configuration geronimo.config:name="org/apache/geronimo/System
    [java] 16:18:59,531 INFO  [Configuration] Started configuration org/apache/geronimo/System
    [java] 16:18:59,921 INFO  [Configuration] Started configuration org/apache/geronimo/Server
    [java] 16:19:00,406 INFO  [Configuration] Stopping configuration org/apache/geronimo/Server
    [java] 16:19:00,562 INFO  [Configuration] Stopping configuration org/apache/geronimo/System
    [java] 16:19:00,625 INFO  [LocalConfigStore:config-store/] Installed configuration org/apache/geronimo/RuntimeDeployer in locati
on 5
    [java] Distributed org/apache/geronimo/RuntimeDeployer
    [java] 16:19:00,640 INFO  [Configuration] Stopping configuration org/apache/geronimo/J2EEDeployer
    [java] 16:19:00,718 INFO  [Configuration] Stopping configuration org/apache/geronimo/DeployerSystem
    [java] 16:19:00,718 INFO  [BasicKernel] Starting kernel shutdown
    [java] 16:19:00,718 INFO  [BasicKernel] Kernel shutdown complete
    [echo] Building client.jar
    [java] 16:19:01,796 INFO  [LocalConfigStore:config-store/] Loaded Configuration geronimo.config:name="org/apache/geronimo/J2EEDe
    [java] 16:19:02,375 INFO  [Configuration] Started configuration org/apache/geronimo/J2EEDeployer
    [java] 16:19:02,578 INFO  [SecurityServiceImpl] JACC factory registered
    [java] 16:19:03,140 INFO  [LocalConfigStore:config-store/] Installed configuration org/apache/geronimo/ClientSystem in location
    [java] Packaged configuration org/apache/geronimo/ClientSystem to D:\Projects\J2EE\geronimo\modules\assembly\target\geronimo-1.0
    [java] 16:19:03,156 INFO  [Configuration] Stopping configuration org/apache/geronimo/J2EEDeployer
    [java] 16:19:03,234 INFO  [Configuration] Stopping configuration org/apache/geronimo/DeployerSystem
    [java] 16:19:03,250 INFO  [BasicKernel] Starting kernel shutdown
    [java] 16:19:03,250 INFO  [BasicKernel] Kernel shutdown complete
    [echo] Waiting for server at: D:\Projects\J2EE\geronimo\modules\assembly/target/geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT
16:19:04,015 INFO  [Daemon] Server startup begun
16:19:04,046 INFO  [Daemon] java.endorsed.dirs=C:\j2sdk1.4.2_07\jre\lib\endorsed;D:\Projects\J2EE\geronimo\modules\assembly\target\g
16:19:05,593 INFO  [MBeanServerFactory] Created MBeanServer with ID: 1e8a1f6:104a2b31e31:-8000:JSHOME:1
16:19:05,625 INFO  [BasicKernel] Starting boot
16:19:05,968 INFO  [BasicKernel] Booted

File...... C:\Documents and Settings\john\.maven\cache\maven-multiproject-plugin-1.3.1\plugin.jelly
Element... maven:reactor
Line...... 217
Column.... 9
Unable to obtain goal [default] -- D:\Projects\J2EE\geronimo\modules\assembly\maven.xml:382:63: <deploy:waitForStarted> null
Total time: 45 minutes 22 seconds
1Finished at: Wed Jun 22 16:19:07 EST 2005

6:19:06,937 INFO  [Configuration] Started configuration org/apache/geronimo/System
16:19:07,453 INFO  [ReadOnlyRepository] Repository root is file:/D:/Projects/J2EE/geronimo/modules/assembly/target/geronimo-1.0-SNAP

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