Configure ActiveMQ broker using broker-uri

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Configure ActiveMQ broker using broker-uri

Genc, Ömer



I would like to configure NetworkConnectors for the DefaultActiveMQBroker using a broker URI like described here:


Therefore I have added the following inside my deployment descriptor for the the ActiveMQ Resource Adapter:


<conn:config-property-setting name="ServerUrl">vm:broker:(tcp://localhost:61616,network:static://(tcp://remoteHost-1:61616,tcp:// remoteHost-2:61616))/DefaultActiveMQBroker?broker.create=yes&amp;jms.watchTopicAdvisories=false&amp;jms.copyMessageOnSend=false&amp;jms.persistent=false</conn:config-property-setting>


However the configuration using the broker uri does not seem to work, by stepping through the code, I can see that no NetworkConnectors are added to the DefaultActiveMQBroker.


When I try to add NetworkConnectors using the file $GERONIMO_HOME\repository\org\apache\geronimo\configs\activemq-broker-blueprint\3.0.1\\OSGI-INF\blueprint\activemq.xml everything works as expected.


Anyone an idea, why this does not work?

Are the configuration possibilities inside deployment descriptor somehow limited?


Thanks in advance,