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Geronimo v3-release - Oracle Thin - TranQL - AbstractMethodError

Jonathan Nazario

Hi Geronimo!  J


I am having issues with my running setup and can’t figure out exactly what I am missing….


In general:

·         I have a system running Geronimo v3 (release), Spring (3.0.5) JdbcTemplate, connecting to Oracle 11g StoreProcedures. 

·         This system was originally designed for WebSphere 8 but we are making it platform independent. 

·         We know in WAS8 all is running, and in Geronimo v3 almost everything is running…

·         The problem I am having is the unwrap of the native OracleConnection.


Most of the debugging activity can be found in a TranQL Jira (but don’t go there yet…):



Short Version:

So far we are seeing the TranQL code is not unwrapping the OracleConnection, and I was given a new TranQL fix for this… but I don’t see the code picking the new tranql-connector (1.8).  When I look at the class bundle I still can see 1.7.  L


·         So can you help me decipher why the new correct class is not being used?

·         Is Oracle Thin ( not compatible with Geronimo v3 and TranQL from the current release? Or what am I missing?




Jonathan Nazario

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