How the Geronimo Site is built (currently)

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How the Geronimo Site is built (currently)

John D. Ament
Posting this in email, so we don't lose track of the info gathered today.

The Geronimo site is built via buildbot against an SVN directory.

It's a regular build_cms script.  That script points to another shell script, update-site, which points to a maven pom.xml with dependencies and java execution.

The conf directory includes a set of config files per confluence space that we export.
The template directory includes a set of template files, also one per confluence space we export (there's a 1:1 between space, template and config file, all three must exist)

On the buildbot slave, the settings.xml file includes a profile called "confluence" (anyone can use this profile locally).  It expects two properties, a confluence username and password.  You just need read access to the space to run it.  The bulk of the work is executed by .