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Re: build always failed for me why ??? :(

Jacek Laskowski-5
Yoseph Widjaya wrote:
> Hi all
> sorry about complaining all the time but building
> geronimo always failed it's not used to be like this
> before :(
> okay i'm using fedora 4 with java 1.5

First of all, Geronimo is targetted at Java 1.4 and whereas it compiles
fine on 1.5, OpenEJB (the EJB container) won't like it. There's some
dependency on SunORB whose some classes moved to other packages.

> here is the description when the last build using the
> latest Milestone M4
> any idea why
> this really give me hard time

Don't worry. Today's your lucky day :) Go to and download the
latest release candidate that's just released to perform thorough
quality assurance tests before it's officially published. Doing so,
let's you forget about the issues at build time.

p.s. Reply-to set to user@ mailing list.