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        So I thought I's start a thread about things to talk about when we
(or various subsets of we) get together at JavaOne.  Feel free to add.


--- GBean Names ---

I think there was some effort to switch to "GBean Names" instead of JMX
ObjectNames.  Currently, I'm planning to call everything a GBean Name even
if it does have a 1:1 mapping to ObjectName.  :)

Anyway, I am somewhat confused over a couple aspects of the GBean Name.  
It appears to have 6 elements: domain, server, application, module, type,
and name.  Such as

However, it seems like the "module" element has a different name depending
on the "type".  So "module" is called "JCAModule" for a connector, or
other things for other stuff.  Unfortunately this seems to be required by
JSR-77.  We seem to sometimes use "J2EEModule" instead of (or in addition
to?) whatever the proper module tag is.

One problem is that we're not necessarily consistent in our GBean naming
in configuration files.  I'm also not sure which module type is used when.  
Another problem is that our references to GBeans (resource refs, tss/css
refs, EJB refs, database refs, key generator refs, etc.) in our plans
don't let you specify the moduleType, which may limit the number of things
you can coerce them to point to without using a full GBean Name (foo-name
element), which I guess is most critical in cases where they want to point
to things that aren't consistently named to begin with.

I'd like to figure out exactly what we do as far as module types are
concerned, draw up and document specific rules (conventions) on GBean
naming, and figure out whether references ought to / need to let you
specify the moduleType.  Also it would be great to agree on whether we
should call these names ObjectNames or GBean Names or what.