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dependencies - documentation suggestion and compatibility/compliance questions

Tim Howe
Hi all, I'm a longstanding satisfied Geronimo user since v1.x.

Recently I finally completed upgrading some applications for Geronimo
3.0 compatibility.  One thing that came up during the upgrade and was
non-obvious to me was how to get dependencies to work, despite having
the appropriate Maven-style dependencies in the deployment plan.

May I suggest merging the "Compatibility with earlier versions"
and "Migrating from G 2.x to 3.x" <URL:>
pages, or at least adding a pointer to the latter in the former?
Had I seen the notes on the <export-package> and <import-package>
elements it might have saved me a lot of time.

I noticed also that EJB JARs I had before became unusable because they
provided classes in the same package used by the depending EAR.  It
seems that as part of the OSGi business Geronimo is effectively sealing
all the JARs.  Luckily refactoring in this case was not too painful but
is this behavior allowed by the Java EE specs?

I understand there are probably a lot of positive reasons for the OSGi
compatibility but as a user it's a little bit frustrating that
everything is converted into OSGi bundles which seem to have a lot of
different behavior.  Is there any sort of OSGi migration guide or better
yet a way to tell Geronimo to ignore OSGi for a particular module and
only apply Java EE constraints and not the extra ones?  I'd love to be
able to just rely on my application's declared dependencies and not have
to worry about arbitrarily splitting up packages.

I realize I'm a bit late to the party on the OSGi discussion but I
didn't realize OSGi compatibility would mean incompatibility with
previous Geronimo versions.

Tim Howe

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