disabling built-in ActiveMQ broker and using external one

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disabling built-in ActiveMQ broker and using external one

Tim Howe
In Geronimo 2.2 I ran into some problems with the built-in ActiveMQ
broker and so switched to an external one.  It was very simple to do by
simply disabling the default broker in the console, then starting up the
standalone instance.  I was able to depend on JMS resources in my
application which were automatically created in the external broker.

I'm trying to do the same in Geronimo 3 but can't figure out how.
There's no Web UI for controlling the brokers (I see there's already
GERONIMO-5960 for this).  Geronimo reports in its port listening list:

   61616 ActiveMQ Transport Connector

However disabling org.apache.geronimo.configs/activemq-ra/3.0.0/car had
no effect.  Disabling ....configs/activemq-broker-blueprint/3.0.0/car
does, but because defining queues depends on that now, it disables all
my configurations which then disables the entire application which
depends on them.

What's the best way of getting the behavior from Geronimo 2.2 in 3.0,
where one can deploy resource adapter configs for queues and topics, use
them in applications as normal, but the activity simply goes to a
standalone ActiveMQ instance?

Also, did var/activemq/config completely disappear or am I just not
looking in the right place any more?

Tim Howe

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