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geronimo-mysql connection

srividya muggulla
Here is my problem

I am trying to connect mysql with geronimo but i am getting this
exception "java.sql.SQLException".  Here is the process in which I am
working on java 1.4

Installed Geronimo version 1.0-M3 installer.jar

Installed mysql version mysql-essential-4.1.12-win32 windows Installer package
and I am using one of the following drivers

mysql-connector-java-3.1.8-bin-g.jar files for connecting and the ODBC
driver I have installed is
mysql ODBC 3.51 Driver

I am setting the classpath of the connector jar file which i am using.
Deploying process is:
1.  creating a folder in c:\test and saving the mysql-plan.xml and
2.  Then creating another folder c:\test\WEB-INF\ and saving web.xml
3.  Then creating another folder c:\test\jsp\ and saving dbtest.jsp file
4.  creating a war file in c:\test with name GeronimoTestWebApp
5.  starting geronimo server
6.  Then deploying mysqlpool with command as mentioned in the webpage
7.  Then deploying GeronimoTestWebApp
8.  Then running in the explorer as
9.  Then it is giving that exception

It is creating data source also but the connection with mysql is not happenning

I hope u will reply for this as soon as possible.
waiting for ur reply,

Keep smiling..

M. srividya