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preinstalling Spring

Tim Howe
Due to module load time, shared dependencies, and memory leaks, I like
to preinstall large and commonly used libraries in the repository,
particularly Spring due to its bulk.

In Geronimo 2 this was straightforward; I would simply install the JARs
into the repository and depend on them in geronimo-application.xml.
I've tried to do the same in Geronimo 3 but am having no end of

The first seems to be that Spring Security wrongly puts an upper bound
on version compatibility in its OSGi manifest.  I can put the JARs in my
EAR and they work just fine; however if I put them in the repository
they refuse to load even with dependencies specified.  It seems if I
list the dependencies explicitly it shouldn't try to help.

However, even when I use a collection of older JARs I have (all 3.0.5) I
still run into problems.  I suspect now that I've learned about the new
requirement that part of it is due to this "import-package" business.
But it has problems resolving dependencies even before it gets to my
application: Spring Security can't find Spring Framework, Spring
Framework can't find AOPAlliance, etc.

Why is there such a difference between placing a JAR inside my EAR and
placing it in the repository and depending on it, particularly when it
used to work fine (and of course placing these particular JARs in the
EAR causes the server to become unusable after just a few
redeployments)?  Is there a workaround for this?  And has anyone had
luck preloading Spring into Geronimo 3?

Tim Howe

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